Specializing in Outdoor Product Testing in the Rugged Ozark Mountains.

Challenging entrepreneurs to discover the limits of their products. Bringing QUALITY & DURABILITY back to U.S. Manufacturing.

What we do

- Helping You Stay Focused On Building The Best Products, While We Build Your Brand -



Catch your customers' attention fast by proving how durable your product REALLY is! We help manufacturers and software developers define their unique competitive advantage for each of their products and services. This let's you build immediate credibility based the visual proof your customers need to see on your website and social media; all while catching their eye on the backdrop of the beautiful woods and streams of the Ozark Mountains.



Once you've tested your outdoor products with us, we'll help you build brand identity and introduce your product(s) that match the best demographics. This service is designed to be a one-off fee, or as an ongoing service so your business can quickly adapt to the newest trends throughout the seasons of the year.



Not only do we offer product test results, current metrics, and brainstorming new ideas, but we also offer additional "continuous improvement" services that help ensure your sales and production teams operate efficiently according to your goals and objectives. What's more, if your business is currently under contract with a 3rd party marketing firm, we would be happy to share our results once our services are completed and paid in full.

Who we are

We know what sells...we're "100% CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE" full-cycle focused. The Freeman Interactive Agency specializes in catching the customer's attention with visual product-tested proof. We'll research your existing marketing content, test product limitations, and compare it to your management process, goals, and budget. We always strive to capture the owner's backstory about their products and blend it with our proven "ethically prompted A.I." formulas. 

Meet the Owner

Rob Freeman specializes in testing and promoting outdoor adventure products, as well as, early-stage B2B and B2C hi-tech solutions. He spent over 23 years representing a variety of hi-tech manufacturers in Chicago until moving back to the Ozark Mountains in 2016. During that time, Freeman managed certified U.S. dealers that sold a number of innovative technologies to Fortune 500 clients throughout North America. This included asset management software, telemedicine (2-way video) systems, multicast IPTV video streaming solutions, enterprise-wide room control solutions, SaaS monetization, and metal sensing consumer electronics.  Freeman uses the same approach that he learned from corporate sales management and teaches the "tricks of the trade" to small businesses today. 

Rob Freeman

FIA Founder  |  Magazine Contributor  |  Investor

"Start-ups need help selling their products more today than ever before... I can help!"

Tired of marketing companies "nickel and diming" you for minor website changes that you can do yourself? Ask us about our recommended content creation software!

Our flexible services are specifically designed for entrepreneurs that need to focus on their product development and production deadlines instead of working on promoting their brand. We create ethical generative A.I. content for your website, product packaging, and social media. We can either take the lead and manage your content strategy, development, and SEO planning. Or, we can train you to use our recommended content creation software so you can make your own minor changes (but we're still available for those bigger projects).

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Mailing Address: 2733 E Battlefield St #181, Springfield, Missouri 65804 USA Tel: +786-505-9105 * Please contact us first before shipping any products to FIA to discuss your project.

Offering Services to US & International NATO Friendly Manufacturers Only. Business Meeting Locations : Miami International & Dallas/Ft. Worth Airports

Contact Rob at rf@freemaninteractive.com to schedule an appointment or video call. 

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