High-Impact Customer Engagement Content for Entrepreneurs

CREATIVE BRAND STRATEGIES & PRODUCT PLACEMENT SERVICES for Early-Stage Manufacturers, Developers, and Producers.

What we offer

Product/Brand Strategy Consulting

We help manufacturers define their unique competitive advantage for each of their product brands and services.

Promotional Writing Services

We offer both technical and promotional PRIME marketing copyright services that converts into customer engagement and brand loyalty. We work with brand ambassadors, marketing firms, and business owners.

Customer "Experience" Feedback

We offer CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE frameworks to help Manufacturers, Producers, and Developers quickly identify and adapt to ever-changing customer behaviors and buyer metrics.

Professional Quality Fast-Track Marketing Services Offered. Use it for your website, product packaging, and social media!

Save time and money by ramping up your marketing strategies with the Freeman Interactive Agency.  We'll help you create concise "WOW" factor content to attract the right customers for your brand. Can you relate to Mike's problems in the video below? 

Build Strong Customer Loyalty Faster with FIA!

The FREEMAN INTERACTIVE AGENCY offers FAST-TRACK marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, C-Level managers, and sales teams. Perfect for new product launches and rebranding. We'll help you not only create "WOW FACTOR" content, but we also offer services to help your company develop the best customer process to capture the sale based on the types of products and services you sell:

  • Brand Strategies & Product Placement   

  • Product reviews on social media and for your website

  • Customer "Ghost" Order & Internal Operations Analysis

  • Customer Behavior/Experience & Sales Team Process Assessments (Including Certified Dealer Channel support)

  • Aesthetic" Product Label & Packaging Design Recommendations

A S   F E A T U R E D  I N:

Freeman’s articles and comments have been published in a variety of online industry publications. FIA offers leadership experience to help guide manufacturers in developing creative "solution-based" strategies that help accelerate product sales and improve brand loyalty.

Rob Freeman

FIA Founder / Magazine Contributor / Startup Investor

"Start-ups need help selling their products more today than ever before... I can help!"

Trevor F. / Owner - Coiltek Electronics, Adelaide, AU

"Your idea of adding a coil comparison chart to my product packaging helped immediately answer customer questions for my retailers at the point-of-sale. Thanks Rob!"


Here you can find the answers to the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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SPONSORS for VLOGS & Product Reviews

PRODUCT REVIEWS: We offer two different video formats (Objective reviews and Influential reviews) for both manufacturers and software developers. Pricing widely varies due to the product and industry; along with its estimate click traffic. SPONSORS: We offer 5-10 second video ad-inserts to our video interviews; and we also offer still-ad placement into our Op-Ed articles. 

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Advisory & Strategy 

FIA specializes in catching the customer's attention online and at POS (the point-of-sale).  We'll research your existing marketing content, product packaging, and compare it to your goals and budget. We'll then rate your content and make recommendations, if needed. We always strive to capture the owner's backstory about their products and blend it with our proven "key word" formulas.  We know time is of the essence and we always take the fast-track turnaround approach so you can stay focused on your operations and production deadlines.

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What We Do

We specialize in fast-track creative copywrite material, and innovative marketing strategies to capture your buyers' attention. At this time, we do not offer SEO or PPC marketing services unless our clients specifically request it. We take this approach mainly because Google and other premium ad services continue to improve their own easy-to-use ad placement services with A.I. and other automated services. 

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Markets Supported

Most of our customers are from industrial manufacturing, food & beverage, health & wellness, early-stage tech, and software developers.  We also support new start-up companies to help them develop the right product development foundation.  

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Contact us to request a quote. Our pricing is based on an hourly fee plus material cost basis. Some of our customers only need us to craft content that they can use within their Martech stack. While others need more of our time to better define their customer messaging, product packaging, sales restructuring, as well as more strategic planning against their competitors.

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Does FIA hire models, graphics design artists, influencers, and other talent for their projects?

Yes. FIA manages all strategy and content. To be considered for hire as an independent contractor (IRS 1099), please contact us via email first. Do not send attachments. Once you go through the screening process, submissions should be of professional quality created for B2B or M2C audiences only. Minors (such as Models, Software Coders, etc.) submitting material under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied with parent via live video scheduled calls. Otherwise, material will not be accepted.

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Our History

Our founder spent over 23 years representing a variety of early-stage hi-tech manufacturers while living in Chicago. In the mid-2000s, he quickly transitioned to business development management, successfully managing RSMs (Regional Sales Managers) and certified dealer channels. Technologies he sold to Fortune 500 clients included top brand software, videoconferencing, multicast video streaming, multi-campus room control solutions, and metal sensing consumer electronics. His success was built from listening to his end-user/dealer feedback, then quickly using it as part of his marketing strategies. This "fast-track" business model gives us the competitive advantage. We take this same approach for you then create a uniquely formulated plan where you can scale your business across North America and the Caribbean.


Contact us to schedule an appointment, video consultation, or for any other questions. 

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